Halloween Candy Board

Halloween candy is something so familiar and usually in abundance as a kiddo. But when I stopped being able to trick or treat, honestly it was something I truly missed…so I started to just buy it for myself as I don’t yet live in a house where we can give it out. I thought this year it would be fun to make this Halloween candy and treat board with all my favorites. This would also be great to do with excess candy you buy, candy leftover from passing out, or your kiddos candy. It’s fun to mix in some salty items or even homemade treats too!

This would be great for a movie night or small party!

halloween candy board

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halloween candy board

How to Make a Candy Board

  • Step 1: Pick a platter or board. I like choosing a fairly large one for something fun like this. I believe this one is from World Market or Home Goods.
  • Step 2: After that, gather all your favorite candy! Something chocolate, something sour. I would suggest about 5-7 candies. I like to mix up sizes too, like smaller M&Ms or skittles that can fill in small gaps. I’ve used most of my favorite Halloween candies that I used to swap for: crispy and Halloween M&Ms, skittles, sour straws, sour patch kids, Tootsie Rolls, KitKats, Ghirardelli squares.
  • Step 3: Choose some cookies or baked goods you’d like to add. I used Trader Joe’s Baton Pumpkin Spice Rolled Wafer Cookies and the best Oreos…Halloween Oreos! Halloween graphic side up! But home baked goods would be fun too. I’ll link some below!
  • Step 4: In addition to sweets, I like to add in salty snacks! For some reason I’ve always really loved the Halloween pretzels. But popcorn would also be a great add.
  • Step 5: Assemble! I always like to start by adding in anything in a bowl. Here I’ve added sprinkles first. You can also add in candy this way. Then add in the bigger pieces like baked goods/cookies, then add in medium sized treats, and finish off with your small things like M&Ms or Skittles than can also fill in gaps.
  • Step 6: Then decorate. Add in some gold painted spiders, paper bats, flowers, etc. Make it unique!
halloween candy board

FAQs about Halloween Candy Board

How do I up the look of my board?

A few key tips. Pick a color scheme, add in some extra fun pieces like fake spiders/bats/etc., and more is more!

Can I made this vegan or to specialty dietary restrictions?

Of course! Just choose items that fit that diet.

halloween candy board

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halloween candy board