Favorite Sustainability Products

sustainable products on counter

There are so many little swaps we can all be making that would make a HUGE impact if we all just made small swaps. One person doing a lot, isn’t the same as many people doing a little…we’ll accomplish so much more for the world and sustainability if we all just made some small changes.

Kitchen Gear

Public Goods – This is one of my favorite brands I’ve been doing swaps for their products for sustainability. You can find food items, grocery and produce bags and even bamboo straws. Use my coupon code here: WITHAMANDAPGA for 15% of first orders.

Stasher bags – I’m now an affiliate for Stasher, I love their bags so much. These are a great swap for single-use plastic bags. They are beautiful, colorful, easy to clean, can be used in the microwave and freezer.

GIR – GIR has a lot of amazing products. Some of my favorite for sustainability include their suction and stretch lids for your leftovers and storage needs.

Imperfect Foods – This company is working hard to make a big change. Most of their products are 100% what you’d find in the store, it was just a surplus or the packaging has since changed. While some of their produce is just imperfect, meaning your carrots might have two points, lemons might not be grocery store perfect looking. They are delicious, but maybe not as pretty and they are saving you money and delivering them right to your house. Check out their website for more information. Also, you can use my coupon code for $10 off your first box with: the hyperlink here.

Igloo – I went to an Igloo event in early 2020 (pre-pandemic) and learned so much about their goals with sustainability and their amazing new products. Read more about it on their site.

Brita – To stop buying water bottles, a Brita is a great way to

Takeya bottles – this bottle is amazing. I have the larger size and it’s perfect for replacing your use of single-use water bottles. Some other brands I love are Ello and Rifle Paper Co.

Grove Collaborative – Grove is an amazing resource online for sustainable house hold items like cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, pet and baby products, beauty and more. Use this code for your free gift set.

More to come in the future! In the meanwhile, check out some of my favorite sustainable products on my Instagram stories.