The easiest no-bake dessert.

Just 4-ingredients and a few simple steps to make these delicious rice krispie treats.

Browning Butter

This may seem intimidating, but browning butter is a simple way to elevate this dessert.


Salt is a staple for any dessert. It may not seem like salt should go in desserts, but it essential to bringing out flavors.


You can use different pan sizes for thinner or thicker treats. I recommend a 9x13" for these thick ones, but two 9x13" would create thin ones, perfect for cookie cutters.

Cutting into Shapes

Make thin layers of rice krispie treats. Then use your favorite cookie cutters to cut out the shapes.


You can add icing and sprinkles as well. If you want sprinkles throughout the treats, mix together with adding cereal to the marshmallow mixture.


These treats are also perfect for holidays and celebrations because with a simple switch of sprinkle colors, your treats are perfectly on theme.