Light and fluffly cupcakes, but small batch.

Just 6 cupcakes. Perfect for making at home for the family or friends.

Strawberry Frosting

Use freeze dried strawberries and pulse in the blender. Sift out big seeds before adding it to your frosting.

Fluffy Buttercream

To achieve this fluffy buttercream, I whip my butter by itself for 8 minutes. Adding in a lot of air.

Piping Frosting Tips

To get the best results, use a piping bag. Place the tip at the end of the bag. Fill with frosting. Top off with a pastry or bag clip.

Only 6 Cupcakes

For just 6 cupcakes in a muffin/cupcake tray with 12 wells, fill just the 6 center wells with liners and mixture. Then add about 1 Tbsp of water before baking.

Fluffy Cupcakes

To get fluffy cupcakes you need a few key ingredients and techniques. One tip, whip your batter. But don't over whisk or the batter might fall.

Decorating Cupcakes

Pipe on your frosting with your favorite tip. Then add on sprinkles, edible flowers, fresh or dried strawberries, or even just sift powdered sugar on top.