The chewiest, spiced snickerdoodle cookies.

So easy to make and so delicious. I'll go through some of my favorite tips.

Chewy Cookies

To achieve that perfectly chewy cookie, there are a few tips I like to use.

Cream Butter and Sugar

By whipping your butter and sugar together for 4-6 minutes you will emulsify your ingredients and add air to the cookie.

Chill the Dough

Chilling your cookie dough is essential to further blend your ingredients, but also helps to make for an even chewier cookie!

A Flatter Cookie

If you like a flatter snickerdoodle, you can chill your dough a shorter time and you can smush your dough balls before baking.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg

I use both cinnamon and nutmeg for this recipe as it adds a depth of flavor. You can omit the nutmeg if you don't like its flavor.

Bake the Cookies

The bake time of the cookies can be the difference of a chewy/soft cookie or a crispier cookie. Cook on the shorter side of the time listed for a chewier cookie.