A super easy matzo toffee recipe that just uses 7 ingredients!


Matzo, brown sugar, unsalted butter, dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, olive oil, and freeze dried strawberries.

Prep Work

Preheat your oven, prepare a 13x9" baking sheet (with a lip) with parchment paper slightly crossing over the edges.

Fill with Matzo

Fill the entire bottom of the baking sheet with matzo. Break up small pieces to fill up any holes or small empty spots.

Make Toffee

Make toffee on the stove by heating butter and sugar together. Bringing to a boil and making thick.


Pour toffee on top of the matzo. Place in the oven until your toffee mixture is boiling. Remove and add chocolate, cover pan until melted and smooth over. Add fruit!

Finish and Serve

Let the toffee cool and harden in the refrigerator.  Once hardened, remove and break up pieces by hand or with a knife. Enjoy!