Extra curd and shortbread crust.

So citrusy and perfect for a delicious and easy dessert made at home.

Extra Lemon Curd

Sometimes there isn't enough curd on a lemon bar. To make this extra thick, there is about 50% more lemon curd than a normal bar.


To get these bars extra lemony, I like to add in not only the lemon juice, but some zest. This makes for a super tart bite.

Simple Shortbread Crust

This recipe uses a simple shortbread crust. Mixing together flour, granulated sugar, butter, vanilla, and a pinch of salt.

Jiggle Test

After you bake the lemon bars, you want to make sure they are set before removing from the oven. Jiggle the pan. Only the very center should jiggle slightly.

Parchment Paper Sling

Make a parchment paper sling before adding in your shortbread to the pan. This makes for an easy removal and cutting.

Decorate Lemon Bars

To cover any browned parts, sift powdered sugar on top. This will take a lot of sugar. You can also decorate with lemon slices, candied lemon, or edible flowers.