Gift Guide – Shop Small Businesses

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Gift Guide – Shop Small Businesses

I wanted to get these gift guides up as soon as possible as so many of these as small or local shops and you need to get in your orders as soon as possible so they have time to make and/or delivery. Of course, this list isn’t all encompassing, but these are all shops and makers I have purchased or been gifted from in the past so I know they are the best! I would still love to hear some of your favorites I might have missed below, so please comment!

Some of these items are best as stocking stuffers, some as full gifts, and they really encompass everyone in your life. Now, each shop I don’t necessarily have ONE specific thing you HAVE to buy. But rather, I give you great shops you can explore online within a certain category! If you have a foodie in your life, great, the food category is for you. Someone obsessed with candles (it’s me), then the candle and home is a great category. These are really truly a guide to the best gifts while shopping small.

We all know COVID has made it hard on small businesses. Let’s show we care about them and our communities by skipping the big box stores as much as we can this year. Whether it’s for gifts, décor, and even gift wrap and cards. Another great place to look for all of these small businesses covering these areas is Etsy! They cover it all. And again, we aren’t making billionaires wealthier in the process, but rather, supporting the community.

Also remembering to shop diversely and remember all the amazing companies that were shared in May and June that are Black-owned, Indigenous or POC-owned. Diversifying where you buy and how you spend your money and who you are supporting is so important.

So, let’s get into it!

gift guide for small businesses

Gift Guide for Foodies

Some of these would make great gifts and some amazing stocking stuffers. I love using tea and coffee as stocking stuffers. I also love gifting experiences and gift cards to restaurants. Although some of that is a little different in 2020, gift cards to restaurants and local eateries are still an amazing idea…take-out is still an option!

  1. Firepot Nomadic Teas – There is no question about my love for this company and their commitment to sustainability. My favorites from them are the Chai teas and Rituals Collection.
  2. Katie’s Pizza and Pasta – One of my favorite St. Louis restaurants, but now you can get their Frozen Pizza shipped anywhere in the country.
  3. BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages – Tyler loves this coffee and we always make sure to grab some whenever we make an order at Target. Great addition to a stocking.
  4. Sprinkle Pop Shop – My favorite sprinkle shop that I work with all the time. My favorite from them is the Vintage Rose Gold. But you’ll see me making custom mixes in recipes all the time. Here’s one of my favorite blends: Small Batch Black Velvet Cupcakes.
  5. Clementine’s Ice Cream – Another St. Louis favorite of mine that is now shipping nation-wide. And if you don’t trust my opinion, trust Oprah who places them on “The O List” in 2019. They are nice or naughty (boozy) and always coming up with new flavors. My favorite flavor is Clementine’s Salted Crack Caramel.
  6. Gift cards to local restaurants and eateries – Find your loved one’s favorite local shops and eateries and go online (or call) to order them a gift card!
gift guide for small businesses

Candles and Home Décor Gifts

  1. Nectar Republic –  They sell the most amazing home fragrances with candles, soaks, and soaps. I love the Apothecary Collection and the lavender chamomile is my favorite. I usually buy mine at a local shop French Buckets.
  2. Abode Brand – Another amazing small business candle company. This brand is actually owned by my friend Nicole! All candles are hand poured and crafted in Long Beach, CA by a staff of all female or gender nonconforming staff. They are a queer, female lead company we are proud to give 10% of all sales to the LGBTQ+ Center of Long Beach.
  3. Thistle and Sage Botanics – Handmade vegan + eco-Friendly scents for home + body. I love the Botanic Collection. My favorite scent from them Wildflowers + Sea Salt. Another one I like to buy at a local shop French Buckets.
  4. Lokey Designs – This company is owned by my dear friend Laura. We met at plant class of her’s years ago. She sells beautiful plants and home décor.
  5. The Little Market – I love being a partner for The Little Market. They have everything from beautiful candles (best scent is champagne), home décor, bath, and accessories. And of course, their mission speaks to me the most. Each piece is made following fair-trade principles, ultimately contributing to a life-changing sustainable income and giving back to the people who made it.
  6. Pigment – This beautiful shop sells everything from plants to home to stationary and more. A friend recommended this shop to me a few years ago when I was visiting San Diego and every trip to SD now includes a trip to this shop (any of their locations). You can of course find so many of their goodies online too!
gift guide for small businesses

Gifts for Someone who Loves Jewelry and Accessories

  1. Shop Annie Austen – My girl Annie is making amazing mask chains! They are beautiful and a portion of the proceeds goes to charity! What’s better than that?  
  2. Shop Moss Handmade – I am so glad I found this brand on Instagram. Each piece of jewelry she made is handmade and gorgeous.
  3. Collections by Joya – One of my favorite jewelry brands…making up at least a quarter of my jewelry box. Joya is a curated collection of hand-crafted jewelry created by artisan communities around the world. Created by women, for women, we are dedicated to giving back to women’s causes around the world.
  4. KC Scrunchie Squad – Another friend owns this company and make these beautiful scrunchies by hand. These scrunchies are amazing and I love wearing mine in both my hair and on my wrist.
  5. The Tiny Tassle – This brand sells brightly colored tassel jewelry, accessories, and garments handmade in Charleston, SC. I love their earrings and clutches. They are so fun!
  6. Marah-Cotta Clay Co. – Amazing clay earrings that are so unique and beautiful. I also just so enjoy following Marah on Instagram. These would make a great gift for your loved one.
gift guide for small businesses

Art Gift Guide

  1. Morgan Andre Fine Art – My darling friend Morgan is one of the most talented artists I know. We’ve been friends for almost a decade and I’m always so blown away by her work. A piece from her would be an excellent gift.
  2. Suite One Studio – Lindsay and I have become friends over the years on social media. Her ceramics are phenomenal and each new piece she makes blows me away. I love using her plates, mugs, and platters in my photoshoots.
  3. Designed by Shea – I found Shea’s work on Instagram and bought a friend a custom portrait from her wedding day. It spurred a lot of other friends to get their own portraits and I love that. Her work is unique and beautiful. She’s also working on a 2021 calendar that would make a great gift.
  4. KeiksTakes – Another friend from college, Keiko is such a talented artist and actually did some illustrations for the ACLU E-Cookbook I put together. She’s also done a handful of portraits for my friends and family for their anniversaries or engagements!
  5. Alexzandra Marie Art – Alexz’s art is incredible. Another wonderful and darling friend I’m lucky to have…seriously, how am I friends with so many wonderful creatives? Alexz has some amazing prints in her shop, but she also does custom pet portraits and pet paintings on denim jackets.
  6. Facture Goods – I love Aron’s work and have been privileged enough to work with him numerous times in the past. His work exquisite and always adds some beauty to my home.
gift guide for small businesses

Gifts Guide for Some of my Favorite Things

  1. ACLU E-Cookbook – Okay, so I’m pretty biased, but what is better than donating in someone’s name, while also getting your own copy of the ACLU E-Cookbook “The Comfort We Find in Food” a collaboration with over 35+ recipe creators. It’s a great gift that gives back!
  2. Local Bookstores – I love giving and getting books as gifts. And a great way to gift a book is by shopping local. If you don’t know of a local bookshop in your area, you can shop online at Bookshop to support local bookstores.
  3. Cookbooks – Again, another wonderful gift to give or receive for the holidays are cookbooks. I would recommend again using local shops or Bookshop. You can support independent cookbook authors. Some of my favorites include Bryan Ford’s – New World Sourdough, Amy Ho’s Blooms and Baking, Laurel Gallucci and Claire Thomas’ Sweet Laurel, Erin Jeanne McDowell’s The Book on Pie.
  4. The Emerald Hound – Pet obsessed products. My sweet friend Alicia started this amazing business where she custom makes signs, mugs, towels, coasters, ornaments and more with your pet’s face! How cute are they?
  5. Love and Lion – Leah’s products are amazing and I love being able to support her business…which so often supports non-profits! She has amazing ornaments, apparel, custom tattoos, stickers, and more!
  6. Greetabl – Personalized custom boxes filled with a fun gift! You can send these for birthdays, holidays, engagements, and more. This is a great gift to give a friend you won’t be seeing this holiday season. You can customize the box with photos and pick some of the amazing gifts for the inside like candies, keychains, candles, and more. Use my code AMANDAWILENS to get 15% off your purchase.