Fall Parties

Fall party tablescape

Fall Party!

It’s the best time of the year, so you better your bottom that I’m living up everything and anything fall. The cool weather, the change of color in the trees, all the spices, the layering of clothes…I AM JUST SO READY FOR IT.

Okay, sorry about that, it has been the most insanely hot summer this year and I just need some better weather. Also, fall last year was when I first started to love St. Louis. Everyone I know that’s a transplant to this city has had the same problem…trouble falling in love at first sight. St. Louis has a LOT to offer, but if you move in the heat of the nasty summer, have trouble meeting new people, issues finding the coolest things to do…it can be tough. Good news is that fall comes and makes this city magical. And thankfully in this last year, I’ve made some incredible new friends and found the coolest things to do here…so I’m set. I’m in love. FALL IS MAGIC IN THIS CITY!


So, now that you know I’m not friendless, let me introduce you to some of them: Alex from Delish Knowledge, Anna from Urban Apron, and Julia from My Lavender Blues. These ladies are kicking butt in the food blogger world and are some of my dear friends in St. Louis. Being in the “same field” as your friends or fellow strong women can be intimidating for some or make them catty or vicious. However, I’ve been lucky enough to have found an incredible group of ladies who not only support and raise each other up, but also come together and make visions come true!

This month these ladies and I came together to make a fall cocktail party dream come true. It was filled with spiced drinks, apps, and desserts. You can go across each of our blogs to find our recipes.

Recipes for a Fall Party:

Ginger Snap Cocktail- Delish Knowledge

Brie with Thyme Roasted Pears and Grapes- Delish Knowledge

Maple and Rosemarry Roasted Nuts & Spiced Chickpeas- Urban Apron

Coconut & Thyme Roasted Cauliflower with Croutons- My Lavender Blues

Roasted Heirlooms- My Lavender Blues

Brown Butter Apple Tart- Urban Apron

Chai Spiced Fig Cake- Amanda Wilens

Place cards- My Lavender Blues

Flowers- Amanda Wilens

Making these flower arrangements and tablescape:

1) Go to Trader Joe’s, your local farmers market, or whichever grocery store is best for you.

2) Get the following:

  • 3 different types of eucalyptus branches
  • maroon spray roses

3) Clip and stick. Literally just clip the bottoms of each flower and branch and place them on the table. Loop the branches around the placed food. Then take the rose, clipped with about a 4 inch stem and stick them in where the branches hit the table! Play with it until it works for you.

4) After your meal be sure to get all ends of flowers into water!

Please keep your eyes out for many many more collaboration dinners, cocktail parties, holiday bashes…Thank you ladies again for this magical day…and for being my hand models!

Fall Recipes to Try:

fall party tablesetting
chickpeas in bowl
baked brie and grapes